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Conference Introduction

The International Association for Media and Communication Research(IAMCR) annual conference is the world’s fourth largest, the largest outside the United States, academic journalism and communication conference.

      Organized by the School of Communication at Soochow University (Suzhou, China) in partnership with IAMCR Environment, Science and Risk Communication Working Group and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU, also located in Suzhou), this event aims to address a range of fundamental questions regarding science communication solutions to a polarized post-COVID-19 world inflicted by misinformation. The team pursues a robust empirical research agenda to examine China-specific factors underlying its COVID control efforts, science communication system, and the public attitude to science. Our endeavor has been rewarded by a numerous grants, top journal publications, and books.

The conference has received over 250 submissions from around the world, of which 108 studies have been accepted and will be presented on the plenary or up to 20 parallel breakout sessions..

      Under COVID-19 containment protocols, IAMCR 2022 Suzhou Pre-conference will be held entirely online between 8 and 10 July on Zhumu (https://www.zhumu.com/), which is an authorized partner conference platform of ZOOM in China. Please visit Zhumu (https://www.zhumu.com/) to DOWNLOAD the app in advance.

Conference Topics

•Reconsidering public scientific literacy in a public health crisis 

•Collectivism and its public health implications 

•Identifying (and healing) social polarization for a post-COVID world  

•Constructive communication with social media platforms  

•Climate change mitigation with communication strategies  

•Metaverse: A communication research bonanza and a new PR slogan  

•Mobilizing science community for communication in the new era  

•Public engagement in science, environmental, and health communication  

•Exploring science communication as an organizational communication  

•Misinformation, conspiracy, and infodemiology across cultures 

•Discovering new forms of collective movements amidst the pandemic  

•Science, the environment, and health in popular culture  

•Feminist and postcolonial issues regarding science, environment, and health  

•Smart technologies and their implications to everyday life  

•Social and political uses/constructions of science, health, and the environment  

•Science/environmental/digital/health journalism in the new era


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Important Dates

Overseas participants submission deadline (UTC)
April 15, 2022
Acceptance decision made (UTC)
May 1, 2022
Conference Date (Beijing Time)
July 8-10, 2022

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EMAIL: yangzheng@suda.edu.cn
Dr. Yeheng Pan
EMAIL: yhpan@suda.edu.cn
Dr. Hepeng Jia
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